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A game-changing business model

Alignment of financial incentives between Schlumberger and operators makes production of oil and gas more efficient. “We are introducing a game-changing business model. By aligning financial incentives, all parties are interested in doing things in the most cost-effective way,” says Tom Fidjeland, VP Rig Equipment, Drilling Systems at Cameron, a Schlumberger company. Oil companies are […]

“Oil and gas lightyears behind other industries”

Oil and gas do not exploit the possibilities presented by digitalization, according to former Equinor executive. “Today, everything is faster, smaller and cheaper. The speed of evolution is making incrementalism obsolete. You need to disrupt in order to succeed,” says Trond Ellefsen, CEO at Invatare and longtime Equinor executive. At a NorTex seminar in Houston […]

The final NorTex workshop (for now)

A data integration workshop in Stavanger, on the final day of ONS, was also the final workshop of the NorTex Data Science Cluster project. An application for a second project period, which would also include e-health as a topic and the University of Stavanger as a partner, is already filed. “It would be wonderful if […]

Blockchain for secure sharing of data

“Smart contracts and blockchain technology can enable trust and multi-level data sharing”, says professor at University of Stavanger. “Today, data is black or white. It is either open and available to you, or closed and unavailable to you. We need more shades of data – that is data which could be open and closed, depending […]

The solution to your problem may very well be in the other guy’s toolkit

Competence and technology from the oil and gas sector could improve medical procedures. “The solution to your problem may very well be in the other guy’s toolkit”, says Thor Ole Gulsrud, Research Director at IRIS. The statement is the mantra of and motivation behind the Norway Pumps & Pipes project, which explores how oil & […]

Great mix of technology talks at NorTex workshop

5G, blockchain, data analytics and interoperability were among the topics at this year’s NorTex OTC Digitalization Workshop in Houston. “A great mix of technology and market outlook. The workshop provided insight into the digital transformation and the drivers behind it,” says Morten Hagland Hansen, VP Segment Market Management Energy at SES, the world-leading satellite operator. […]

Norwegian-Texan collaboration on emergency management

Following a meeting in Houston, researchers at the University of Agder and Rice University are looking for ways to collaborate on emergency management projects. “We have a lot in common. We gather and analyze data to better understand what is happening in an emergency. This enables us to make better decisions in critical situations,” says […]