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Norwegian-Texan collaboration on emergency management

Following a meeting in Houston, researchers at the University…
Adrian Ambrus and Roman Shor from UT Austin spent two weeks at IRIS. Photo: IRIS

UT Austin researchers at IRIS

As part of the project NorTex Data Science Cluster, funded by…
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Building a data highway

Academia and industry came together in Houston for a full day…
Houston skyline. NorTex is a Norwegian-Texan collaboration.

Funding for NorTex Data Science Cluster

The Research Council of Norway has announced that the “NorTex…
Workshop participants, from left to right: Pradeep Ashok, John Macpherson, Stian Myhre, Liv A. Carlsen, Søren Kragholm, Arnt Aske, Jan Einar Gravdal, Fionn Iversen, Chunming Rong, Jan Erik Ødegård, Marit Dolmen and Robert Ewald.


Several project concepts are now being developed within the…
Research Scientist Pradeep Ashok at the University of Texas, Austin, Industry Consultant Arnt Aske at GCE NODE, Executive Director Jan Ødegård at Rice University, Project Manager Ann Marchioro at GCE NODE, Jostein Mykletun, Administrative Manager Rachel Funderud Syrtveit at Center for Offshore Mechatronics and Chief Scientist Fionn Iversen at Iris.

Securing a natural flow of information through the value chain

Information security and data integration were the main topics…