NorTex workshop organizers (left-right): Thor Ole Gulsrud (IRIS), Benoit Dairaux (IRIS), Pradeepkumar Ashok (University of Texas – Austin), Chunming Rong, Fionn Iversen (IRIS), Nejm Saadallah (IRIS), Søren Kragholm (University of Agder), Jan Helge Viste (GCE NODE), Jan Ødegaard (Rice University) and Marianne Engvoll (GCE NODE).

The final NorTex workshop (for now)

A data integration workshop in Stavanger, on the final day of…
Professor Chunming Rong from the University of Stavanger at the NorTex workshop in Stavanger.

Blockchain for secure sharing of data

“Smart contracts and blockchain technology can enable trust…
Thor Ole Gulsrud, Research Director at IRIS and Project Manager of Norway Pumps and Pipes.

The solution to your problem may very well be in the other guy’s toolkit

Competence and technology from the oil and gas sector could improve…
Morten Hagland Hansen at satellite operator SES (right) enjoyed the NorTex Data Science Cluster Digitalization Workshop in Houston, led by Arnt Aske, Business Development Digitalization at GCE NODE.

Great mix of technology talks at NorTex workshop

5G, blockchain, data analytics and interoperability were among…
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Norwegian-Texan collaboration on emergency management

Following a meeting in Houston, researchers at the University…
Adrian Ambrus and Roman Shor from UT Austin spent two weeks at IRIS. Photo: IRIS

UT Austin researchers at IRIS

As part of the project NorTex Data Science Cluster, funded by…