Thor Ole Gulsrud, Research Director at IRIS and Project Manager of Norway Pumps and Pipes.

The solution to your problem may very well be in the other guy’s toolkit

Competence and technology from the oil and gas sector could improve medical procedures.

“The solution to your problem may very well be in the other guy’s toolkit”, says Thor Ole Gulsrud, Research Director at IRIS.

The statement is the mantra of and motivation behind the Norway Pumps & Pipes project, which explores how oil & gas and medicine can profit from sharing competence and technology.

“When discussing problems, we always make sure that the two professions are in the same room,” said Gulsrud at the NorTex Data Science Cluster workshop in Stavanger Thursday.

Gulsrud said the physics describing transport of fluids in reservoir rocks are the same physics describing flow in blood vessels. And medical imaging, in combination with simulation tools from oil and gas, can contribute to increase usage of non-invasive techniques for cardiological examinations.

Norway Pumps & Pipes is a platform to bring together professional groups who may not otherwise have the opportunity to interact for the transfer of knowledge and technology knowhow.

The partners behind the initiative are Stavanger University Hospital, IRIS, University of Stavanger and Greater Stavanger. Together with Norway Smart Care Cluster, Houston Pumps & Pipes and industry partners, they will strive to develop Norway Pumps & Pipes as a dynamic tool in order to develop new ideas, new solutions and new products.

NorTex is supported by The Research Council of Norway’s INTPART program.